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Sale and service


1. The essence of the contract
The Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to the contracts between MGJ Progress Jan Mróz, hereinafter referred to as Provider or MGJ Progress, and the buyer of the goods of this company (the Customer), unless the contract provides otherwise. None of these Conditions of Sale can be modified by the Customer without the written permission of MGJ Progress.

2. Inquiries and orders.
General trade offer of MGJ Progress is for information only and is not binding on either party.
Detailed trade offer of MGJ Progress is a respond to customers inquiry, it has specified number and the date, and is binding on the supplier on the terms contained therein.

Detailed trade offer includes:
a.    Technical description of the item (model, operating parameters, material list).
b.    Business conditions (completion date, the net price, payment terms and transportation conditions).
The entering into the contract (agreement) is the issue of the Progress MGJ written order confirmation or proof of sale.
Each order should include:
a.    Valve model, i.e. figure 218,
b.    Size of the flanges / welding ends, i.e. DN 80,
c.    Material list, i.e. body material: stainless steel 1.4408,
d.    Nominal pressure, i.e. PN 40,
e.    Maximal temperature, i.e. Tmax 450°C,
f.    Medium, i.e. vapour,
g.    Sealing, i.e. metal/metal,
h.    Other important information needed for matching the requirements with the particular valve.
3. Technical data and specifications   
All the technical data and specifications contained in catalogs, brochures and other publications provided by MGJ Progress can be modified without notice.

 4. Delivery
Unless the contract provides otherwise, all consignments shall be delivered to the customer warehouse. Goods available from the stock in Wałbrzych are delivered within two working days from the date of registration of the contract.
Deadline for delivery of goods imported for the customer is given on the order confirmation. Items not available in the store are supplied in accordance with the deadline in the trade offer.

5. Price and terms of payment
All prices are given in Polish zloty, and do not include VAT. Prices quoted in the order confirmation shall be catalogue prices and can be updated in the event of significant changes in exchange rates. Two basic forms of payment are accepted: prepayment or bank transfer. After finding the creditworthiness of the Client, he may receive a deferred payment for 14 days, which should be regulated by bank transfer. Detailed terms of payment are given in the order confirmation and invoice. Regular customers have a 30 day payment terms. Penalty interest of the statutory rate may be charge due to payment delay.

6. Termination
Contract may be terminated by the Customer after receiving written consent from MGJ Progress. In the event of such termination, Customer is obliged to cover all the costs incurred by MGJ Progress.

7. Complaints and returns
The customer shall verify compliance of the goods with the documentation immediately upon receipt of delivery. All quantitative complaints shall be dealt within a period of 3 days after delivery of the consignment. In case of damage or malfunctioning of some elements, the Customer shall contact the person responsible for the execution of the contract. The Customer shall be informed about the complaint procedure. Complaints shall be reported in writing.

8. Guarantee
 MGJ Progress shall delete all possible products defects coming from faulty construction or material defects or replace the goods with the goods free of such defects. However, the responsibility of MGJ Progress applies only to the defects reported no later than one month from the date of discovery of a defect by the Customer and no later than 11 months from date of purchase, unless a separate agreement regulate that in a different way. MGJ Progress commitments arising from this warranty shall be limited to the costs, which all together do not exceed the price of the product itself. Any warranty claims shall be accepted no sooner than the whole payment for goods is delivered.

9. Limit of liability
MGJ Progress assumes no liability for damages resulting from suspension of production, loss of profit or indirect losses.

10. Quality certificates
Information about the certificates for individual products are available in catalogs and information cards.
Customer shall give any information about required certificate within the contract. MGJ Progress is not responsible for the ordering of products with the wrong certificate.

11. Force Majeure
Under the circumstances which could not be foreseen at the time of signing the contract, MGJ Progress is released from its obligations under these Conditions of Sale for the duration of such circumstances.

12. Liability
Any dispute between the parties shall be settled by court territorially adjust to the office of MGJ Progress.
In any matters not covered by these Conditions of Sale Polish law applies.


MGJ Progress provides clients with full service (during the warranty time and afterwards) of all sold products. Service includes supplying spare parts for the valves (balls, globes, sealings), repairing broken elements as well as full diagnostic. 

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