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FABRYKA ARMATURY PRZEMYSŁOWEJ WAKMET – it is a Polish manufacturer of steel and stainless steel globe valves, regulation valves, as well as forged steel gate valves, strainers and check valves in the working pressure range from 2,5 MPa up to 42 MPa, in sizes from DN 4 up to DN 350 and in temperatures from -190°C up to +600°C.
FAP Wakmet offers also design services and manufacturing atypical armature, built according to specific customer’s demands and needs.



Fabryka Armatury Przemysłowej Zetkama manufactures high quality, technically advanced industrial armature, which is used in energetics, heat engineering, ventilation and air conditioning. All products are made of cast iron and ductile cast iron. The basic product groups are: globe valves, regulation valves, ball valves, strainers, balancing valves, floating valves, butterfly valves and decanters. The size range is from DN 15 up to DN 300 and the pressure range from PN 10 to PN 25.



Zakłady Mechaniczne Chemitex Sp. Z o.o. – this is a producer of ball valves, manometric valves, valves with heating jacket and sight vanes. All the armature is being produced in two main body materials: carbon steel and stainless steel. The valves can be operated manually or by pneumatic or electric actuators.
Valves are being manufactured in sizes from DN 4 up to DN 200 for pressures from PN 10 up to PN 160.
Ball valves produced by Zakłady Mechaniczne Chemitex Sp. Z o.o. are being used for heating installations, chemical industry, oil industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and others.
Valves can be used for working with propane-butane (liquid or volatile), oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, as well as in the pipelines of drinking water, distilled and deionied water, water vapour, condensate, oily liquids, solvents, organic and inorganic acids, lye, saline solution and others.



Jafar manufactures cast iron armature for water, gas and sewage. Jafar offers also special execution of their products, i.e. marine type (made of bronze). The company has in its production range gate valves (DN 40 – DN 600, PN up to 25), butterfly valves and check valves.



Gestra Polonia produces equipment for flow regulation – mainly vapour, but also water, gas and other mediums in industry and energetics. The company offers many sorts of different strainers, check valves, stop valves, and many types of regulation valves.



Georg Fischer and FIP manufacture elements of the pipe lines made of plastics. They offer pipes, fittings, manually and automatically operated armature, control and measurement equipment. Choosing the right type of plastic (PE, PP, PVC-U, PVC-C, ABS, PVDF) depends on the work conditions and medium and allows for building industrial installations, gas systems, water pipelines and sanitary installations. 



LMP manufacturers pipelines and equipment for pipelines (fittings, T-pieces, elbows, expansion joints) with PTFE lining in the sizes from DN 10 up to DN 300 and with face to face diameter from 300 mm to 5000 mm. All the fittings are being produces according to the customer’s blueprints of the installation. Plastic armature has its use on installations for aggressive mediums, like acids, lyes, brines and those planned for pharmaceutical industry . Plastic allows to extend the equipment survivability and, as a result, to decrease the costs.



KI manufactures ball valves made of stainless steel (1.4408) and carbon steel in sizes from DN 15 up to DN 150 and for the pressure from PN 16 up to PN 40. Face to face diameters are in two standards: F1 and F4. The temperature range varies from -196°C up to +200°C.
Valves can me manually or pneumatically/electrically operated. All the valves are equipped with “easy mounting system” of the actuator acc. to ISO 5211. Valves are antistatic and have fireproof certificate (acc. to API 607).



This is the producer of the flat or oval gate valves. Body is a carbon steel or steel casting. Carbon steel gate valves, model 043 are made in sizes DN 40 – DN 700 with brass sealing; working conditions include temperatures up to 150°C or with stainless steel sealing up to 250°C. As for the pressure, the maximum equals 4,0 MPa. Carbon steel gate valves model 055 are in the sizes between DN 40 – DN 600, with stainless steel sealing for the temperature up to 400°C; nominal pressure up to 4,0 MPa. Carbon steel gate valves model 122 or 122SW are manufactured in sizes from DN 50 up to DN 400, with stainless steel sealing, for the temperature up to 400°C and nominal pressure up to 1,6 MPa. Steel gate valves model 190S are in sizes from DN 50 up to DN 400, for temperature up to 100°C and pressure up to 1,0 MPa – they are specifically made for installations for sulfuric acid (up to 96%). Refinery gate valves model ZR 150 class 150 are for the maximum pressure of 2,0 MPa and maximum temperature of 427°C are designed for refinery industry and oil pipelines.



Antico is a world-famous Italian manufacturer of high-quality mixers. The company, found in 1947, specializes in designing and manufacturing mixers for chemical industry. Antico offers many types of mixers equipped with many different types of motors. The company also assists in choosing the right type of the mixer for the specific work conditions.



Bueno manufactures globe valves, ball valves, check valves, gate valves and butterfly valves made of carbon steel, stainless steel and cast iron, all with PTFE and PFA lining. The ball valves with PTFE lining are offered from DN 15 to DN 200.

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